what is schema in seo

What is schema in seo?

Schema is a data vocabulary that search engine employs to discern quality content from spam or junk. It tries to digitally comprehend the meaning of your content and its relationship with the purpose of your site.

When you add schema tag to your HTML, it enhances search engine to represent your page in a better position in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It is brief text or snippet found under your page title which inform search engine about your activities. When keywords are given HTML tags, search engine recognizes it speedily. When the snippet gets more clicks and fetches more traffic to the site, it becomes a rich snippet.

Three types of schema are physical schema, logical schema and view schema. Three types of schema formats namely JSON-LD, Microdata and RDFa are popular is search engines. Nine schema markups such as organization markup, schema person markup, schema local business markup, schema product & offer markup, breadcrumbs markup, schema article markup, video schema markup, event schema markup, recipe schema markup and many other schema markups are popular in search engines.

Schema’s cognition and interpretation helps SEO users to boost their web page optimization in a more result oriented way. It manages and groups logical entities in one physical database.

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