What is local SEO’s responsibility in digital marketing

While organic SEO focuses on various combination of keywords, local SEO employs location name or words like ‘near’ to mention geographical criteria, in the content.

Efforts for local SEO keyword research are customized. The business is listed in Google My Business, online business directories, presence is established in social media, blogs are drafted in appropriate segments, visitors are tracked, customer data is collected and other technical measures like mobile responsiveness and dedicated About Us page is created.

If the website is associated to physical shop or physically available services, local SEO is employed.

Measuring local SEO performance

Site audit or measuring performance regularly is essential, if you are cashing on the website to increase sales.

Google Analytics is used to measure local traffic in the site. Besides this average loading time, backlink toxicity, bounce rate, brand awareness by search, conversions by source and through organic traffic, cost per click are used to measure SEO performance.

Details that should be noticed in local SEO

Local SEO must have fast loading speed, crawl accessibility, full-fledged answers to queries, keyword optimization, excellent user experience, keyword rich URL, titles and meta description and suitable snippets and schema markups that are favourable in SERPs.

Local link opportunities

Have you ever pondered the idea of associating your website with local links? Local links are those connected to a particular city or region. If you are located in Chennai, links of colleges in Chennai or professionals in Chennai are local links.

After a thorough study of your backlink structure, request your local friends, publications, industries for backlinks. Construct content for local purposes and participate in local podcasts.

Write intellectual comments on local websites and optimize your social presence in this regard. Take inspiration from competitors and compete with them in this regard. Also sponsor local events and local charity to make your presence felt.

Paid links are possible, but are illegal and can be penalized.

Procuring followlinks effectively can happen only in one way and the honest way. Write quality content and healthy blogs so that referral traffic grows genuinely.

For earning backlinks, emphasize public relations, create infographics (images and charts or visual representations), testimonials in other websites.

Link local IP address, which could be used only for communication purposes. Though it is a minimal effort, it counts in adding to the results.

Hashtags and local SEO

Hashtags are important while enhancing any SEO. People still use hashtag to filter the information that they need, especially in social media.

While employing hashtags, one could try 11 hashtags that relate to your business page. However, trial and error method research is employed to check what number of hashtag posts suits your effort.

Hashtags in comments section fetch good amount of results. Not only do they enhance visibility but also promote viewer engagement enough to create hype, when carefully used.

Whatever social media you bid to use, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook to name a few, try searching a product similar to yours, check the hashtags used by trending ones and tailor them appropriately to suit your needs.

In case of Twitter, hashtags are employed to find about a product or entity, besides being used to find happenings in location. Such business name hashtags when connected with relevant influencers leads the road to success. Thus you can identify people who are interested in your business segment and initiate talks with them about what you propose to offer them.

In Instagram, participating in local community posts, reposting local posts, demonstrating the lifestyle that your product proposes in local perspective, connecting with local hashtags and geo tagging posts boost your local SEO performance fruitfully.

Images and local SEO

Images play an equally important role as in content, to boost search engine optimization. An interesting visual is almost useless, if it is not appropriately optimized for search engine results.

After choosing an image that speaks about your product, brand and how people use it, concentrate on the following activities.

Keep the image file size compact so that viewers do not have a problem in downloading it. Slow loading time is not only an issue for the user, but also for Google ranking criteria. Add descriptive file name, if possible with product type, and location information. Accommodate spelling mistakes in alt text, which again fetches exclusive searches on spelling errors regards.

Employ location keywords in anchor text for images, geo tag the image and mention location in its meta description. Include image with location information in the sitemap.

Exploring local SEO practices to benefit corporate

When large companies over look advantages of local SEO, they lose to their local competitors and pave way for the latter to reach their own heights.

Lack of flexibility and adaptability of corporate companies might turn advantageous for small firms. In simple words, large companies should perform local marketing strategies to stay ahead.

Presence in local business listings, allotting time to answer all local queries from the public and leaving no response unattended is not as herculean as you might imagine.

Local SEO keyword research should aim to increase numbers in local traffic, visitors to store locators, clicks on Google My Business listings and calls made to the store.

The local SEO keyword research practices are of two categories namely basic and competition based.

Benefits of local SEO in general

 In local perspective, listing business and ensuring its visibility is comparatively effectual than organic SEO. More ratings and reviews add value to the business page and in case of both positive and negative comments, customer relations and retention are easier. Conversion rates are favourable and business reputation is established by appropriate steps taken, based on customer review.

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