What is digital marketing’s role in your business?

After communication made the colossal leap and accelerated its speed to unimaginable levels, digital functioning has become the mantra of the day. Besides government offices and services, almost all businesses have virtual presence and cyber space is the platform where transactions connect. Digital marketing Chennai is as vibrant as in its counterpart cities across the world.

With such opportunities in digital marketing services, digital marketing courses are gaining momentum and more job aspirants seek to learn the nuances and explore digital marketing for profitable career. As contemporaries across the world, a marketing company in Chennai employs digital strategy to promote brands, products or services through email, social media and the advertisements in web space and websites.

Digital marketing Chennai  reaches target audience through digital marketing strategies such as social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, marketing automation, digital advertising through digital channels and content marketing in digital media. Digital marketing efforts by a marketing company in Chennai include a series of specially designed activities to reach target audience and create brand awareness and enable conversion rates, which result as sales. Such online marketing involve paid and unpaid methods, where unpaid or organic sources show more promises of sales.

When probable customers look out for certain products and services in search engine, digital marketing services answer such queries, our information is solicited. Keyword research improves our visibility to such customers. Search engine optimization is one of the content marketing strategies, where we understand Google algorithm and push our webpage to the front so that it gains prominence. Paid advertising in marketing channels also works, provided we keep track of advertising costs and leads thus obtained. Research is made on the behavior of target audience and ad spots are purchased to reach them.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Employing online marketing efforts in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest to reach target audience, is known as social media marketing. Creating brand awareness through such digital channels comprises an organized set of activities that communicate with viewers and engage them for the benefit of products or services. Paid internet marketing efforts in marketing channels include pay-per-click, social media ads, influencer marketing and banner advertisements to name a few.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The process of improving visibility of a website through content and technical measures, is known as search engine optimization. Resulting words procured through keyword research are employed in content posted in websites. Using images and their URLs, guest posts are also components of this online marketing strategy. Backlinks and sitemaps are worked on, in order to fulfill Google algorithm. One of the intricate activities for example is, employing a nearby server for local websites so that loading is faster. Besides these, the websites are ensured to be mobile friendly with no distortion whatsoever.

Content is rich in its quality and addresses the perspective in which the user needs it. Complying with BERT technology which analyses the context of keyword, there are no more keyword stuffed grammatically correct paragraphs. Besides this, published content is updated regularly so that the site is not labeled to be stale.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is about placing ads in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and is a part of paid advertising. The difference between online marketing through SEO and SEM is that though they are of same digital channels, SEO is organic and unpaid whereas SEM is paid advertisements. Marketing efforts in SEM include keyword research, search strategy, procuring inbound links, internet campaigns and experimenting with paid advertisements. Pay-per-click advertisements include text advertisements, visuals, product listings, reviews and so forth. The advantage of search engine marketing is the fact that such advertisements appear before customers who want to buy it, when they wish to make the purchase.

Keyword research is definitely the base for search engine marketing. Analyzing keywords for their competitiveness and employing them decides the success of the marketing plan. Suppose you wish to sell pasta, pasta recipe would not help you. Instead buy pasta keyword may bring customers to you. Even there when your keyword is accompanied with discounts, coupons and free shipping keywords, results are impressive. Ad words are distributed to ad campaigns which spread through groups where keywords and text reach landing pages.

Adwords Performance Grader audits and rates the entire performance and makes suggestions to improve your marketing efforts. Wasted amount, the click rate, quality score and negative keyword usage are entities used in such assessment.


Email marketing

Promoting a product or service, by sending relevant commercial information through emails, is known as email marketing. Email marketing promote brand awareness through welcome emails (to initiate conversation with new people who are unsure of generating business), newsletters to those who have subscribed for it, dedicated emails, sponsorship mails, transactional mails and brand story emails to name a few. As the contents are personalized, data privacy is an important aspect of such communications. Such marketing efforts should also be interactive besides being mobile friendly and accessible. Email marketing has high prospects of conversions and making customers more loyal. The digital strategy is highly effectual and can never be underrated. The laborious email marketing is effectual in creating brand awareness and is worth the effort.



Marketing automation

Marketing automation is a web based process of identifying possible customers and working on leads to convert them into sales through a set of tactical activities. The software replaces the manual method and eliminates repeated process and is applications are geared in a proposed way. Not only do they automate mails, but also generate deals and close deals successfully.



Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing makes one person promote another’s business in a revenue sharing model based on the sales made by the affiliate.


On a concluding note, digital marketing has wide reach, which is also customized for any target audience, cost effective and result oriented. The myriad of methods mentioned above are each expanded into a science by itself constructed on logic gained through experience and observation.

With the world changing to digital media, promotions are also shifted to digital platforms and show hopes of boosting the economy in a rather fast growing population backed constantly by next gen versions.

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