Ranking misspelled keywords

Ranking misspelled keywords in SEO

Ranking misspelled keywords

Writing a word with incorrect or wrong arrangement of alphabets is known as misspelled word. In a platform like Google, where queries mean to be converted into leads and eventually into business, one cannot afford to fuss about the seeker’s linguistic prowess. Misspelled words must be accommodated.

Exploring and exploiting the possibilities of misspelled words and going about it in the natural possible way, is an art. It is a skill and inevitable in the competition loaded ad word arena. Allegedly misspelled words hold 10% share of the total keywords searched.

Since the competition for wrongly spelt word is smaller, the opportunities of ranking them are higher.

Good grammar is one of the criteria in content writing and this is the place where you want to fit wrongly spelt words. Neither are such spellings good to look at nor does risks of losing credibility look appealing. Words without space can be placed only in heading but not in the body text.

Exclusive pages for misspelled words

In such cases, we could add a page, which is dedicated to misspelled words. Mention that these are the common wrong spellings of the correct words found in the website. This page could also be attached to the About Us page.

Ranking misspelled keywords
Ranking misspelled keywords

Connecting misspelled words to Images

You can add these keywords to “alt attribute” on images for ranking misspelled keywords. Alt text makes the image as hyperlinked search result and promotes visitors to the site. Wrong spellings are accommodated in alt text and are not noticed at the same time.

User generated content

Editing comments and adding references of wrongly spelt word. Visitor IP address make insertion of misspelled keywords, look authentic to Google.

Make the best of spam comments by adding misspellings. Blogging an article about wrong spellings that are commonly used is also a way of including misspelled words. In simple words, it is all about employing the ‘A.K.A or also known as’ concept.

How is wrongly spelt word handled by search engines?


Keyword research is the first step in any SEO campaign. That said, misspelled words join the keyword bandwagon and you check all possibilities of wrong spellings of your brand and product and list them. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools disclose the keywords that people used to reach your site.

Even if you know the right spelling, try various wrong spellings for your keyword. Also try typing errors by typing fast. Rank Tracker assists you in getting all possible wrong spellings for any particular word.


Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to check the traffic associated with each keyword. Choose one of them according to the competition you prefer. When you observe the ‘Did you mean…’ search results, you have different page views. They are all results for misspelled words, for correct spelling for the correct variant, ignoring the typing error.


The method of optimizing keywords differs for correctly spelt words and those spelt wrongly. A preface reading ‘often misspelled as…’expression is mandatory whenever you mention wrong spelling. The wrong spelt words can be placed at less noticeable places like image alt tags. Abusing this strategy will lead to bigger perils in the long run.

User sections like comment and forums can be employed to place the misspelled words. Misspelled words can be kept in anchor texts since they are in links placed in other sites for ranking misspelled keywords.

Wrong spellings in PPC or pay per click, is a good bet.

On a concluding note, misspelled keyword is an untapped or rarely used potential which cannot be overlooked. Inserting wrongly spelt keywords is not ‘the’ answer but it is one of the tools which are potential and the unconventional method has its own rewards as well.

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