Affiliate network

Marketplace for affiliate programs where site owners and publishers sign up, choose products or services which they wish to promote, and receive custom links to track their own performance in generating sales.

Alt text

Alt text is used to describe images in the websites to those who are unable to see them due to technical faults like slow loading or errors.


Tools employed to understand customer behavior and content performance or assessment of progress before the actual sales are conducted.

Anchor text

The clickable text in the hyperlink which is relevant to the page that it is connected to.

Average position

The position or order in which one’s ad appears in search engine results pages on an average against other ads


A marketing strategy or content that is geared towards a business that sells products or services to another business.


Marketing strategy or content that promotes sales of products or services of business to consumers


Hyperlink pointing to a page in your site which is also known as inbound links or incoming links used in Search Engine Optimization to pass authority and trust


The data transferred in internet connection in a given time is bandwidth which is not the speed but the volume of information transferred.