A/B testing

Testing web page changes against existing change where existing change is called control and the updated copy, known as variation, are compared. The testing is also known as split testing or bucket testing and a comparison of text is done to decipher the effective one.

Above the fold

The upper part of the webpage which is visible while landing on the page, without scrolling.

Ad blocking

Software programs that prevent ads from being shown on websites are typically browser add-ons.

Ad extensions

Extra features like phone numbers or links to additional pages on the websites are ad extensions and are recommended by PPC experts.

Ad space

Ad space is the area of the web page or website dedicated to online advertisements


The process of submitting a site or page to another site which may be a search engine or directory


An advertising platform that enables websites to commercialize their sites by running Google Ads and procuring revenue based on clicks or impressions.


One who markets products and services on their own page, app, or blog and generates sales in lieu of commissions

Affiliate marketing

An advertising model which is rewarded based on performance where an affiliate is paid a commission for generating sales through their own website or blogs.

Affiliate merchant

A business that uses affiliate networks to promote business and create brand awareness for products and services