E commerce- Make it work

The concept of e commerce or electronic commerce or internet commerce has given the smallest business, even a one man army an opportunity to expand globally. Internet has shrunk the globe, revolutionized communication and assisted global expansions of your shops without the need to invest on a single brick.

Now that you can sell on your website, ancillary questions like how to sell, how to sell effectively, follow suit.

In e commerce, slow growth is sustainable growth. It is better to be a tortoise, than making a greedy attempt to be a rabbit.

Persuasion, aggression would build irritation and convert read neither to lead nor sales. Building familiarity, trial purchases and loyalty requires little etiquette from the sales side.

Use social media

Track where your buyers hang out with tools such as Google Analytics and focus on those platforms. Don’t deliberately market your product. Excessive self promotion is always sick. Instead provide valuable information about the market and bring latest trends to light.

Social media management platform like Buffer, helps you to manage your posts and track performances.

Convince positive gossips

As in any other brick and mortar business, ‘word of mouth’ is the free of cost marketing officer working for you. Find people on cyber space, such as bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs who have huge number of followers and give them a free sample of your products, so that they could ponder over the idea of talking about you.


If you cannot get a blogger to write about you, it is wise to wield the pen yourself. Writing honest valuable content, delivers loyalty from readers who eventually share it if they find it interesting and worth speaking about. It also increases trust about your brand.

Think about what people would ask about your product or brand, convert them to topics and speak about it elaborately. That is a blog, informative and worth a thought. That thought is a probable lead and that lead is a probable business.

This should be more comprehensive to you, if I termed it as content marketing.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click or PPC advertising is a cost effective way to pay for advertising in social media. For such type of advertising, you could boost your ads by using Google Adwords. Bid a keyword with which your ads are chosen to appear in the search engine. Link Analytics with Adwords to track user behavior after they click your ad.

Promote partnerships

List out major players in the industry and check out possibilities of getting them to review your product or site. The same goes with social media influencers. To start networking, use Group High which connects you to appropriate bloggers and influencers and keeps track on your performance.

Podcast Ads

Podcasts have joined the bandwagon of social media as more people opt for audio files, with many apps developed for this purpose. Podcasts are also great way of reaching specific groups and engage them.

Carefully and crisply drafted message placed at the beginning or end of the podcast and slightly detailed version in between, would do some job.

Multichannel options

Instead of strictly sticking to your own website, booking your slot in market places like Amazon, eBay and Flipkart would generate more visibility and revenue. Not only could you see sales but also promote brand loyalty and they may visit your site to check other products available.

On a concluding note, using a spectrum of strategies spells sustainability and when one fails another might support. E commerce is gaining competition by the day and one should always be alert.  

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