Boost visitor traffic in organic ways which is steady

Organic traffic or free site traffic refers to visitors of a particular site, who arrived through search engines and not through paid advertisements. Google Analytics differentiates organic traffic favourably from paid sources while ranking pages.

Though SEO traffic is free, the results are not instant much in contrast with paid advertisement which gives results in a probable click. SEO traffic is built over a course of time, but is steady growth with low bounce rate and higher browsing time, provided the content quality is high and useful for the visitor. Paid sources stop services when the contract period ends, whereas sites get free website traffic without time constraint and are valued in Google Analytics in a positive way. While writing contents, one should keep approach unique, so that the article is not monotonous.

Organic traffic is important because it is targeted and website answers needs of potential customers rather than canvassing amidst general audience.

How to get free website traffic by publishing content

Visitor traffic is accentuated when people are satisfied with the content that they read. Satisfying Google Algorithm to obtain site traffic does not help anymore, thanks to BERT that reads all around keywords and finds relevance to user query. If you wanted to know about best coding classes in the city, BERT does not bring forward the meaning of best coding classes or how to choose best coding classes or any keyword that does not focus your need. Your browsing history is also applied while answering your query.

How to get organic visitors through appropriate page titles

Page title is closely related to SEO and it is better to focus it on optimization perspectives. Google crawler and its access capabilities are vital while designing a page or content. Google crawler adds to your organic traffic count not only by SEO, but also through sitemaps. Such access is enhanced by having keywords in title and inviting the bot inside.

How to get visitors through Offsite SEO

Links and genuine guest posts, given that they don’t sound deliberate or desperate, also answer your queries on how to get free website traffic. However, such posts and links are not complete solutions but a small but sustainable part of your SEO instrument. Such efforts are to get free website traffic is known as ‘Offsite SEO’.

Technical SEO and site traffic

Search engine optimization is not all about target keywords, articles and vocabulary. What is the point in writing splendid and useful article, if your loading time would get on your nerves and drive your patience to the breaking point?

And besides loading time, driving traffic to your website is almost impossible if it is not device friendly. Being responsive and good loading speed keeps visitors comfortable on their venture. One of the solutions for fast loading time would be server vicinity, if your business is based on local audience and not global.

Driving traffic through guest posts

Guest posts are highly favourable because they are focused on your blogs and add information. Another advantage of guest posts is that it can accommodate wrong spellings. Guest posts and image alt tags are the two main places where Google Analytics tolerates wrong spellings and optimize wrongly spelled keywords on search engines.

Besides such optimization issues, guest posts build relationships as audience solicit conversation now. This is also an opportunity to build relationships with other likeminded blogs, thus ruling out spam labels by Google Analytics.

Though guest post helps you to establish your authority and promote brand visibility, it is a fragile and intricate action where intender must move carefully around the concept without rubbing authorities on the wrong side and to avoid penalties.

The literature composed on the guest blog must subtly invite readers to home blog. If the guest blog establishes industrial expertise and assures credibility, target audience would love to know more. Home page URL in guest posts draw traffic to your website.

In such guest posts, author should have a brief and concise intro about self and focus more on the topic. Comments should be duly answered and blogger should not abscond on any account. The guest post can be promoted through social media.

How to get visitors by answering questions

SEO optimization through question keyword optimization is gaining momentum by the day. Most of the keywords in search engines are in question format. Such a question format streamlines the keyword perspective and eliminates unwanted details related to the keyword.

The prefix ‘why’ before keyword and prefix ‘how’ or ‘when’ are different from one another and what the audience want about something. Why do you use coconut oil is different from how you use it or when you use it. This is semantic search, where the context is analyzed by its perspective and not generally.

Hence, when you answer questions appropriately, you bring in everyone associated to the object to your website. The rich capacity and amounts of traffic through answering questions cannot be afforded to be overlooked.

Google has evolved and organized itself in the process of answering questions by introducing semantic search technology. The questions are classified as ‘direct answer questions’, ‘short answer questions’ and ‘long answer questions’.

To utilize this segment of search engine optimization and increase website traffic, one could use Keyword Magic Tool from SEMRush and choose question based keywords.

To optimize the question based keywords, answer them at the earliest and mention the question as you answer them. Answer with all relevant details arranged in sequence and add weight to your content.

Be original in your answers and do not employ shady SEO techniques lest you should get penalized and capsize the entire procedure.

How to get free traffic through long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are more specific and answering such keywords have higher conversion rates. There is a difference between typing ‘LED Television’ and ‘Latest model of LED television in Chennai’. Similarly ‘saree’ is different from ‘Bengali Cotton Saree’. Long tail keywords complete half the task of accessing search users.

Long tail keywords help to beat competition and are more popularly used in search engines. They also have better conversion rates as you are closer to user needs and almost at purchase point. They are more accessible in voice based searches.

How to boost site traffic by interviews

 Interviews in any medium have immense potential. SEO is one of such beneficiaries. Interviewing industry experts throw light on unknown facts and people are always eager to know when informed in a comprehensive way.

Published interviews not only reach the interviewer’s audience but also are shared by the interviewee and reach an additionally richer section of the audience.

Social media optimization

Social media optimization is a fruitful digital marketing strategy with immense potential. It helps to boost brand visibility and establishes brand authority. Using hashtags and links to your website are few of the methods to optimize through social media.

Social media optimization maintains a product’s online presence and connects with customers and maintains relationship with them, besides handling wrong messages about the brand or product.

Social media could be optimized by auditing profiles with marketing messages, publishing frequency, addition of videos and visuals in messages, boosting individual posts and link optimization.

On a concluding note, there are no shortcuts in optimizing page or boosting brands. While making sustainable growths, one should give breathing space for changes to happen.

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